Internal Transition Programs

What is the best course of action for your firm? Should you merge on a tax-free basis with a public or privately-owned firm or diversify and grow through acquisition? Should you sell stock to key employees, adopt an employee stock ownership plan, or just sell outright for cash?

If you are at a corporate "impasse" and need to chart a course of action, we can help. Based on our comprehensive understanding of the A/E industry, we will study your firm and compare it to the industry and its outlook. We obtain the basic facts on the financial and tax situations of the major stockholders and, through extensive personal discussions, secure an understanding of their points of view and personal objectives.

Our experts will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives, reach agreement on the best course of action, and present definite recommendations.

Such strategies include:

  • Corporate and Partnership Recapitalizations
  • Use of ESOPs
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Funding of Buyouts
  • Stock Redemptions
  • Non-Statutory Deferred Compensation Plans

Additionally, in today's increasingly adverse tax environment, our experience with closely-held A/E firms can be a valuable addition to existing resources and counsel. We consider all available techniques in order to achieve an ownership transfer to succeeding generations at a minimal tax cost, along with valuation support that will withstand the strongest scrutiny.