Buy/Sell Agreements

One of the most important keys to a successful ownership transition plan is the implementation of a comprehensive buy/sell agreement.  Whether a corporation, partnership or a limited liability entity, a buy/sell agreement protects the interests of each owner, preserves value and prevents later disputes when an event of transfer occurs.

A buy/sell agreement becomes a self-executing document establishing price, terms, events of transfer, and other key factors to manage the ownership of the firm by creating a market for the ownership interest and restricting the transferability of such interests to desired individuals.

Our experts have decades of experience working with legal counsel in developing comprehensive buy/sell agreements to not only foster ownership transition, but to protect the firm’s interests and that of its owners.

Even if your firm already has an agreement in place, it should be critically reviewed periodically as your firm’s key personnel, economic conditions and income tax laws continuously change, subjecting your firm and its owners to potentially significant unintended consequences.