Stock Option/Bonus Plans

In today’s competitive environment for creative talent, most firms are faced with the issue of attracting, rewarding and retaining key employees.  As a result, employee stock option plans and stock bonus plans are becoming a popular alternative for ownership transition in design firms.  These types of plans not only serve as a means of compensating and retaining key employees, but also provide an incentive for firm growth and diversification, as well as internal ownership transition.

Regardless of the type of equity-based plan, establishing the fair market value of a design firm is an important first step in determining whether these plans will be cost-effective for your practice.  Once a plan is established, an annual valuation of the firm is required to determine the compensatory element of any shares or options awarded to key employees.

We are an industry leader in performing equity-based plan valuations for design firms across the country.  We provide cost-effective valuation services for design firms which include initial valuations to determine plan feasibility and annual valuations once the plan is established.


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