Benchmarking/Financial Analysis

Most design firms today find that an independent, detailed review and analysis of their operations is an invaluable tool in maximizing profitability and return on investment, as well as in planning for the future.  Our financial analysis and industry benchmarking services provide firms with insight as to their strengths and weaknesses and provide principals with the information they need to properly manage their firms for profitability.  By analyzing key financial ratios, comparing the results with peer firms in the industry and observing trends over a representative period, principals of A/E/P firms are enabled to make key decisions and implement the proper strategies to continue to grow and expand their design practices.

Our services range from a high-level performance review based on key industry ratios and metrics that drive profitability and value in design firms to detailed account-level analysis and accounting system structure.  We also consult with firms who are implementing or upgrading their accounting and project management software to ensure that the accounting system accurately captures and reports key financial data to management.  In addition, we provide on-site training and education seminars to assist project managers and associates in pricing, budgeting and managing projects for profitability.

Dannible/McKee and Associates, Ltd. can design and deliver our financial analysis services to meet the diverse needs of firms in the A/E/P industry.  Whether you are a small civil engineering firm in need of accounting system design services or a national architectural firm in need of independent strategic financial analysis, please don’t hesitate to contact us.